Participant Profile

There were 27 participants in the workshop, with non-local participants selected from a body of 111 applications. A distribution of education is provided in Table 1 and of affiliation in Table 2, while Table 3 lists participant names, organizations, and reported current level of education.

Education      Number
Doctorate 7
Postdoctoral Associate 4
Graduate Student 15
Undergraduate 1
Total 27

Table 1: Breakdown of Participants and their current educational standing.
Location Number
Academic 27

Table 2: Distribution of types of participant work locations.


Name Organization Education
Martina Audagnotto Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland Graduate Student
Marcelo Behar University California at San Diego Postdoctorate
Lucas Bleicher Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil Faculty
Hailey Bureau Georgia Institute of Technology Graduate Student
Cat Chenal City College of New York Graduate Student
Milka Doktorova Weill Cornell Medical College Graduate Student
Cheng Fang University of Pittsburgh Graduate Student
Neetu Gulati Case Western Reserve University Graduate Student
Mounir Koussa Harvard University Graduate Student
Chang Liu University of Pittsburgh Graduate Student
Jesper Madsen Technical University of Denmark Graduate Student
Charles McAnany University of Virginia Graduate Student
Saurav Misra Cleveland Clinic Faculty
Chris Neale Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Postdoctorate
Juan Ortiz University of Wyoming Graduate Student
Pemra Ozbek Marmara University, Turkey Faculty
Matthew Pond University of Chicago Postdoctorate
Robert Powers Harvard College Undergraduate
Filippo Pullara University of Pittsburgh Postdoctorate
Michael Purdy University of Virginia Faculty
Nandini Rambahal The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Graduate Student
Allison Rossetto Oakland University Graduate Student
J. Nathan Scott Saint Francis University Faculty
Iris Smith University of Houston Graduate Student
Darren Yang Harvard University Graduate Student
Peijun Zhang University of Pittsburgh Faculty
Gongpu Zhao University of Pittsburgh University Research Staff

Table 3: Participant Names, Organizations, and Education