The 42 workshop participants were primarily students from Ludwig Maximilian University, including Master students (18), PhD students (17), and one Postdoctoral Associate. Six participants did not identify their academic standing.

Name Education
Constantin Ammar Master student
Jessica Andreani PostDoc
Ziga Avsec Master student
Matthias Bauer Master student
Fabian  Baumann PhD student
Silke Bergeler PhD student
Moritz Binder Master student
Fridtjof Brauns Master student
Jonas Denk PhD student
Franz  Englbrecht Master student
Andrea Fertl Master student
Florian Gartner Master student
Andriy Goychuk Master student
Ferdinand Greiss Unstated
Jacob Halatek PhD student
Alex Hass Master student
Laeschkir  Hassan Master student
Florian Hinzpeter PhD student
Benedikt Hoock Master student
Lorenz Huber PhD student
Markus  Jobst PhD student
Johannes Knebel PhD student
Timo Krueger Master student
Laura Lechtenberg Unstated
Klara Malinowska Unstated
Salome Mielke Unstated
Lukas Milles PhD student
Jochen Mueller PhD student
Markus Noeth Master student
Alexander Pritzel PhD student
Tiago Ramalho PhD student
Matthias Reiter Master student
Constantin Schoeler PhD student
Philipp Seifert Unstated
Marc Siggel PhD student
Florian Thueroff PhD student
Susann Vorberg Unstated
Max Weber Master student
Markus  Weber PhD student
Cornelius Weig PhD student
Michael Wolff Master student
Moritz Zehl Master student