There were 11 participants in the workshop, with participants selected from a body of 16 applications. Name, organization, education, and affiliation data is provided below.


Name Organization Education
Bo Chen University of Central Florida PhD
Tyler Earnest University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Graduate student
Mert Gur University of Pittsburgh Graduate student
John Holmen Kettering University MA/MS degree
Dongsheng Lei Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory MA/MS degree
Yuanzhe Li Wayne State University Graduate student
Jason Mick Wayne State University Graduate student
Beatrice Pazmino Wesleyan University Graduate student
Kamel Rushaidat Wayne State University Graduate student
Fernando Vargas-Lara NIST-RICE University Postdoctoral Associate
Xing Zhang Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Graduate student

Table 1: Participant names, organizations, and education

Education Number
Doctorate 1
Postdoctoral Associate 1
Graduate Student 7
MA/MS Degree 2
Total 11

Table 2: Summary of participant education

Location Number
Academic 10
Government 1

Table 3: Participant affiliations