From: saravana prakash (
Date: Tue May 11 2010 - 22:31:57 CDT

Helo NAMD-group

Could you suggest me, how do you create the cnt.psf and cnt.pdb in the
nanotube tutorials.

Because i was trying to handle from nanotube builder option from vmd, using
the nanotube option, i could mange to create the pdb (my.pdb is attached)
But it doesnt look like the one that exist in the tutorials (cnt.psf and
cnt.pdb). Also, using my own pdb , i could not successfuly create the psf
file (auto psf option of vmd).

I am interested to know, how to create a nanotube psf and pdb. (infact this
part is missing from the tutorials)

thank you very much



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