Klaus Schulten Lectures: 2002
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January 2002, Sante Fe, NM, PMMB Meeting, Modeling Across the Scales - Atoms to Organisms
Lecture: "Modeling the Mechanical Functions of Proteins and DNA"
January 2002, Sante Fe, NM, Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (ICAM), Workshop on Self-Organizing Biomoleculars - The Evolving Picture
Lecture: "Studying Water and Glycerol Transport in the Membrane Channel Protein Aquaglyceroporin"
January 2002, Klosters, Switzerland, 37th Winter Seminar, Biophysical Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Cybernetics of Cell Function
Lecture: "The Mystery of Membrane Channels, Fast Conduction, and Strong Selection, Approached Through Crystallography and Modeling"
February 2002, Ames, IA, Iowa State University, Department of Chemistry
Lecture: "Static and Dynamic Disorder of the Exciton System in Light Harvesting Complexes LH2 and PS1"
February 2002, San Francisco, CA, 46th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society
Lecture: "Molecular Dynamics Investigations of Transport in Aquaporing"
April 2002, Bloomington, IN, Indiana University, Physics Department Colloquium
Lecture: "The Physics of Photosynthesis"
April 2002, Orlando, FL, 223rd American Chemical Society Meeting, Division of Physical Chemistry, Symposium “Forces in Biology”
Lecture: "Investigating the Mechanochemistry of Immunoglobulin, Fibronectin and ATPase by Steered Molecular Dynamics"
April 2002, Chicago, IL, UIC/UIUC Symposium on Bioinformatics in Medicine and Biology
Lecture: "Convergence of Sequence and Sstructure Information in VMD"
April 2002, Urbana, IL, University of Illlinois at Urbana-Champaign, NCSA NAMD Workshop 2002
Lecture: "Introduction to Molecular Dynamics Simulations; What Can We Learn from MD Simulatlions?; Accelerating Processes via Steered MD"
May 2002, Urbana, IL, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Olga G. Nalbandov Symposium on “Membrane Proteins: Experimental and Computational Approaches to Understanding Cellular Function”
Lecture: "Membrane Channels in Action"
May 2002, Rochester, MN, Mayo Foundation, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department Seminar
Lecture: "Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Transport Aquaporins"
May 2002, Urbana, IL, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, NCSA Alliance All-Hands Meeting Keynote Address
Lecture: "Grid Tools for Biomolecular Modeling"
May 2002, College Park, MD, University of Maryland, Scientific Computation Seminar
Lecture: "Physics of the kidney: How it filters a bathtub of water a day without letting a proton pass"
May 2002, Urbana, IL, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Department of Physics
Lecture: "From Simplicity to complexity and back: function, architecture and mechanism of light harvesting systems in photosynthetic bacteria"
June 2002, Schloß Reisensburg, Germany, Search Conference “Development of Theoretical Methods for Complex systems”
Lecture: "Structure-Sequence Graphics, Dynamic Modeling, Multi-Scale and Physical Analysis Tools for Nanometric Macromolecular Devices in Biological Cells"
June 2002, Bari, Italy, National Meeting on the Phtysics of Matter (INFMeeting)
Lecture: "Thermal Disorder in Bioelectronic Systems"
August 2002, San Diego, CA, Protein Society Meeting
Lecture: "The Mechanical Functions of Proteins"
August 2002, Seattle, WA, 10th International Conference on Retinal Proteins
Lecture: "Spectral Tuning and Photodynamics in Visual Receptors"
September 2002, San Feliu du Guixois, Spain, EURESCO Conference on “Computational Biophysics: Integrating Theoretical Physics and Biology; Biophysics from First Principles: EuroConference: From the Electronic to the Mesoscale”
Lecture: "Physics of Photosynthetic Units in Purple Bacteria: From Light Absorption to ATP Synthesis"
September 2002, Boston, MA, APS Workshop
Lecture: "Membrane Proteins in Action"
October 2002, US/UK Meeting on High Performance Computing
Lecture: "Large Scale Simulation of Membrane Protein Function"
October 2002, Bad Honneff, Germany, Biophysics School
Lecture: "Light Harvesting and Primary Energy Conversion in Photosynthesis"
Lecture: "Immunoglobulins and Fibronectins - Essential Proteins for the Mechanics of Cells"
November 2002, Berkeley, CA, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Life Sciences Division
Lecture: "Membrane Proteins in Action as Seen by in situ Molecular Dynamics Simulations"
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