Requirements: The standard VMD builds require MacOS X 10.4.7 or later.

In order to use features such as the 'vmdmovie' plugin, you would be well advised to install the "Fink" package manager, so that you can easily add related software such as the NetPBM image toolkit with simple commands such as "fink install netpbm".

MSMS: Until native versions of MSMS are available for MacOS X on Intel, it is necessary to set the VMDMSMSUSEFILE environment variable to work around incompatible endianness when running the PowerPC version of MSMS through the MacOS X Rosetta emulator.


Stereoscopic Display: VMD supports stereoscopic display on appropriately equipped Macs, however the VMDPREFERSTEREO environment variable must be set to inform VMD that you want it to acquire a stereo-capable display window. This is done for performance reasons, as VMD would otherwise have a lower display rate, even when not using stereo, as a result of some limitations with the current Apple stereo display driver implementation. This variable is set in the .profile with the commands: