VMD Linux XFree 4.0 Installation Notes:

  • The XFree86 docs cover various info on checking your installation to make sure that the OpenGL/DRI support is working correctly. See their docs (www.xfree86.org) for more info.
  • In order to run VMD, you may have to have the Mesa 3.2 or 3.3 RPM installed on your system. This is needed in order to get the GLU libraries on your system, which are needed by VMD. For Mesa, go to: www.mesa3d.org
  • In order to achieve hardware accelerated 3-D rendering, your video board must have an XFree 4.0 "DRI" type video driver. Once you have an appropriate driver, you may need to set the board it to a particular video mode in order to enable the hardware acceleration features. The instructions that come with the video driver should mention what modes are fully accelerated.
  • Some vendors such as NVidia have docs for getting hardware OpenGL working with XFree 4.0. NVidia's FAQ is here You may have to delete or symlink the /usr/X11R6/lib/libGL* files that come with the Mesa distributions, as the NVidia libraries don't seem to get along with them very well. We are working on figuring out some of these issues ourselves. Worst case, depending on your Vendor and XFree setup, you may have to compile your own VMD binaries. Please send us a note with your experiences here, positive or negative, so that we can help others get VMD using their hardware accelerators too!!
  • For lots more information about getting hardware accelerated 3-D on linux, visit linux3d.org

OpenGL hardware tested with VMD and Linux /w XFree 4.0

  • 3DFX Voodoo3, using their XFree 4.0 drivers
  • NVidia TNT2 type boards, using the beta NVidia XFree 4.0 drivers
  • NVidia GeForce256-DDR, using the beta NVidia XFree 4.0 drivers (Fast!)
  • NVidia GeForce 2 GTS, using the beta NVidia XFree 4.0 drivers (VERY Fast!!)