This page contains special (often short-lived or special purpose) test builds of VMD meant for a small subgroup of the user community or for very early testing.

VMD 1.9.4 Development and Release History (large)

  • VMD 1.9.4a42 Rev 4 for MacOS X Catalina (May 9, 2020): Updated modeling plugins updated for Tk 8.6 (grid vs. pack corrections)
  • VMD 1.9.4a42 Rev 3 for MacOS X Catalina (Apr 24, 2020): Apple Retina updates, STRIDE, OSPRay 1.8.5, QwikMD, CatDCD fixes
  • VMD 1.9.4a41 Rev 2 for MacOS X Catalina (Apr 17, 2020): Tcl/Tk 8.6.10, Apple Retina High-DPI tag added to Info.plist
  • VMD 1.9.4a41 Rev 1 for MacOS X Catalina (Apr 17, 2020): Tcl/Tk 8.6.9