NAMD Wiki: NamdOnCrayXE6

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See also NamdOnCrayXT5.

To get NAMD 2.8 to run on a Cray XT, add -DNOHOSTNAME -DNO_GETPWUID to the CXX definition in CRAY-XT-g++.arch and use the modified Tcl library from or (for SMP builds).

The following has been reported to work as of Feb 8, 2011 using the development versions of Charm++ and NAMD:

Switch to gcc with module swap PrgEnv-pgi PrgEnv-gnu

Remove -lrca from charm/src/arch/mpi-crayxt/

Compile charm as ./build charm++ mpi-crayxt -j8

Compile namd as ./config CRAY-XT-g++