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Transferring files

bbcp ( works well for transfers from outside machines. It must be installed both locally (home/jim/bin/Linux/bbcp) and at OLCF (/ccs/home/jimp/bin/bbcp) and in your path on both ends (e.g, add "export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH" to ~.bashrc).

Upload to Titan/Rhea (note hostname needed):

bbcp -V -T 'ssh bbcp' 210stmv.coor

Download from Titan/Rhea (note -z AND hostname needed):

bbcp -V -S 'ssh bbcp' -z foo.coor

Download a directory of files by piping tar through bbcp:

bbcp -V -S 'ssh bbcp' -N io " -c -O -C /lustre/atlas1/bio024/scratch/jimp/mar2014 foodir" 'tar -x'

To move between Titan/Rhea and Summit by staging to archive:

hsi put foo

hsi get foo

htar cvf foodir.tar foodir

htar xvf foodir.tar

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