Kang, Myungshim; Zhang, Pengcheng; Cui, Honggang; Loverde, Sharon M.
pi-pi Stacking Mediated Chirality in Functional Supramolecular Filaments
MACROMOLECULES, 49:994-1001, FEB 9 2016

While a great diversity of peptide-based supra-molecular filaments have been reported, the impact of an auxiliary segment on the chiral assembly of peptides remains poorly understood. Herein we report on the formation of chiral filaments by the self-assembly of a peptide-drug conjugate containing an aromatic drug camptothecin (CPT) in a computational study. We find that the chirality of the filament is mediated by the pi-pi stacking between CPTs, not only by the well-expected intermolecular hydrogen bonding between peptide segments. Our simulations show that pi-pi stacking of CPTs governs the early stages of the self-assembly process, while a hydrogen bonding network starts at a relatively later stage to contribute to the eventual morphology of the filament. Our results also show the possible presence of water within the core of the CPT filament. These results provide very useful guiding principles for the rational design of supramolecular assemblies of peptide conjugates with aromatic segments.


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