BioCoRE Evaluation Survey

1. E-mail address:

2.  Affiliation:
Academic     Government     Industrial     Non-profit     Other (specify): 

3.  The work I do is funded (at least partially) by NIH:
Yes     No

4.  What operating system and web browser do you use?  (specify each below):

5.  The number of people using BioCoRE at my site is:
0     1     2-4     5-10     11-20     21+

6. I use computational resources at (select all that apply):
My local site     NCSA     PSC     SDSC     Other (specify)      Doesn't apply
For questions 7 and 8a-b, click the button that best reflects your level of agreement with the statements.  
The levels of agreement are as follows: 1-strongly disagree, 2-disagree, 3-unsure, 4-agree, 5-strongly agree.
7. I am a proficient software user: 1 2 3 4 5
Strongly disagree Strongly agree
8.  I have not used BioCoRE because:
a) It is not relevant to my work. 1 2 3 4 5
Strongly disagree Strongly agree
b) It is too difficult to use. 1 2 3 4 5
Strongly disagree Strongly agree
  c) I forgot that I had registered with BioCoRE.    Yes     No
  d) I could not get the Control Panel to function.     Yes     No
  e) I could not use BioCoRE with my browser.    Yes     No

9.  Are there other reasons (technical or otherwise) why you are not using BioCoRE?


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