Note: If you are logged into BioCoRE when the codebase is updated you might need to exit and restart your browser to get the newest version of the java applets.

Information about BioCoRE updates is given below: Recent update information is always available from the Control Panel by going to "Help | Recent Updates".

Support for Netscape version 4 will be discontinued on June 30, 2004.

June 11, 2004

  • Preferences: Changed order of summary page options to match order on summary page itself (mb).
  • Job Management: Revised Queue names for TCB computational queues (rb).
  • Registration Page: Fixed numbering error in question numbers (mb).
  • Control Panel: Removed CP notifications of moving and copying files via WebDAV (sk).

March 17, 2004

  • Control Panel: Fixed a bug that was causing startup problems when a JVM version less than 1.4 was used (mb).

February 27, 2004

  • Job Management: Fix for Lemieux batch queue submission (rb).
  • VMD Launcher: Fixed a bug with loading files (mb).

February 10, 2004

  • BioFS/WebDAV: WebDAV updates to correct problems running on Windows (sk).

February 4, 2004

  • Control Panel: Hovering the mouse over a project tab now displays the full name of the project. This can be handy for projects with long names (kv).
  • Control Panel: Worked on limiting the java exceptions that get printed to the java console when the server is being restarted (kv).
  • Control Panel: Revised the module ordering in the Project menu to match what is now on the web page (kv).
  • Summary Page: Fixed a spacing problem with the (Shared Filesystem) that was added a couple of releases ago that caused line breaks to be inserted on older browsers (mb).
  • Control Panel: Added a check to make sure that we only warn people about a new version of the control panel a single time (kv).
  • VMD Launcher: Fixed a minor bug when clicking on user lists in the All User Test Project (mb).

January 28, 2004

  • Revised the ordering of the modules so that the Documents section appears at the top, and then Workbench and Notebook. Also revised the ordering of items on the summary page. This will hopefully reduce confusion (kv).
  • BioFS: Fixed a bug that was limiting file uploads to around 1.2 gigs. (A disk partition was filling up) (kv).
  • Summary Page: Fixed a bug that was causing minimization and maximization of sections to not work correctly for some users (mb).
  • BioFS: Removed the little checkbox that was appearing in the header of the BioFS listings since it doesn't do anything in that context (kv).

January 27, 2004

  • BioFS: Fixed a bug that was causing some of the BioFS windows to open new windows as a result of their action. Now, it uses the existing window, rather than opening a new one (kv).
  • BioFS: Fixed a bug that was not allowing file uploads larger than 500 megs (kv).
  • Summary Page: Added (Shared Filesystem) to incidents of "BioFS" to make the purpose of the BioFS more clear (kv).
  • Control Panel: Small synchronization tweak to see if it fixes the problem of the disappearing user list (kv).

January 21, 2004

  • WebDAV: Added concurrency capabilities which should make access faster (sk).
  • Control Panel: Fixed a bug that was causing the 'You've Got A Message' sound to play shortly after midnight in certain situations (kv).
  • Notebook: Added an html table around message text to help with browsers that don't seem to wrap properly (dd).
  • Fixed a bug that could occur if a user set a default project and then made that project "hidden" (mb).
  • VMD Launch: fixed a problem with launching VMD from Mac OS X (rb).

Earlier updates

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The initials given in parenthesis denote the person responsible for the change:
  • mb - Mike Bach
  • db - David Brandon
  • rb - Robert Brunner
  • dd - Derek Dagit
  • jd - Jay DeSouza
  • sk - Sameer Kumar
  • kv - Kirby Vandivort
  • hw - Hui Wang