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Robert Bittl and Klaus Schulten. Biradical spin dynamics with distance-dependent exchange interaction and electron transfer efficiency. Chemical Physics Letters, 173:387-392, 1990.

BITT90 The spin dynamics and reaction kinetics of photogenerated zwitterionic biradicals of the type $^2A^--(CH_2)_n-^2D^4$ (n=8,9,10) are described for a model which assumes the same A-D distance dependence for a "through space" exchange interaction and for the efficiency of electron back-transfer to the singlet ground state $^1A-(CH_2)_n-^1D$ and to a triplet excited state $^3A^*-(CH_2)_n-^1D$. The model is independent of the length em n of the polymethylene chain and accounts well for the three types of observation on the biradicals: the mono-exponential character of the biradical decay, the life time associated with this decay, and the magnetic field dependence of the yield of the triplet excited state.

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