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Category: Molecular Docking
GRAMM (Global RAnge Molecular Matching)
Last Update: 12-31-2000

GRAMM is a free program for protein docking. To predict the structure of a complex, it requires only the atomic coordinates of the two molecules (no information about the binding sites is needed). The program performs an exhaustive 6-dimensional search through the relative translations and rotations of the molecules. The molecular pairs may be: two proteins, a protein and a smaller compound, two transmembrane helices, etc. GRAMM may be used for high-resolution molecules, for inaccurate structures (where only the gross structural features are known), in cases of large conformational changes, etc. GRAMM is compiled on SGI R10000, SGI R4000, SGI R4400, SGI R8000, Sun SPARC, IBM RS6000, DEC Alpha, and PC (Windows95 and Linux).


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