I'm a experienced researcher with a diverse background in computational biology, molecular modeling, and high-performance computing (HPC). I've mentored several graduate studends while teaching within the fields of Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biophysics, and Computational Chemistry. I'm an expert in Molecular Modeling & Dynamics for protein engineering and drug discovery. I'm passionate about enabling my peers to do great science.

I contribute significantly to various research projects, including the development of the Visual Molecular Dynamics (VMD) software, conducting Molecular Dynamics Simulations (NAMD), and contributing to the CyberShuttle project, aimed at accelerating scientific discovery.

Home Department: Physics Department at Auburn University

Office Address: 380 Duncan Dr, Auburn, AL 36832

Office Phone: +1 334 844-4264

Email Address:


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Research Interests

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CyberInfraStructure and Databases

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Melo MC; Gomes D.E.B.; Bernardi R.C.
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Biomembranes and Local Anesthetics

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Drug Discovery for Neglected Diseases

  • Hernández González, J. E., Salas-Sarduy, E., Hernández Alvarez, L., Gomes, D. E. B., Pascutti, P. G., Oostenbrink, C., & Leite, V. B. P.
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