TCB Hands-on Workshop in Urbana

Welcome to the
Collaborative Workshop at Talca

Universidad de Talca
November 23-26, 2009


 A new means of extending the training program of the Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group (TCBG) is to have one of its members collaborate in the instruction of a workshop organized and in part taught by non-TCBG members, i.e. to create a "collaborative workshop". At the November 2009 workshop at Talca, Chile, organized by the Centro de Bioinformatica y Simulacion Molecular, Dr. Christophe Chipot, a faculty member of TCBG and the University of Nancy, France, traveled to the Universidad de Talca at Talca, Chile to lecture and provide tutorial instruction using his own lectures along with tutorials developed by TCBG. After lectures and discussions in the morning, afternoons were devoted to hands-on computer laboratories where participants delved into over 300 pages of tutorials on computers humming with computational biology software, e.g., VMD and NAMD, installed for the workshop.