The Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group is pleased to announce the release of the "Forces Tutorial", which in two separate units guides readers through 1) learning about NAMD's TclForces functionality that allows users to supplement existing constraint and force functionality with script-based forces, and 2) learning about use of Tcl Boundary conditions as a tool for imposing boundary conditions and applying non-uniform forces to a large number of atoms. The tutorial assumes knowledge of VMD and NAMD; those unfamiliar with these programs will want to complete the VMD tutorial and the NAMD tutorial before proceeding with the tutorial below.

Forces Tutorial (pdf, 3.1M ) (required tutorial files [.tar.gz, 293M], individual files)
This tutorial is designed to guide users of VMD and NAMD in the use of the tclForces and tclBC scripts. These script-based facilities simplify the process of adding complex forces to systems and implementing boundary conditions.

See the tutorials page for more tutorials using VMD and NAMD, and our case studies studies page for more in-depth explorations of scientific topics using our software.