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Svilen Tzonev, Joseph Malpeli, and Klaus Schulten. Morphogenesis of the lateral geniculate nucleus: How singularities affect global structure. In G. Tesauro, D. Touretzky, and T. Leen, editors, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 7, pp. 133-140, Cambridge, Mass and London, England, 1995. MIT Press.

TZON95 The macaque lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) exhibits an intricate lamination pattern, which changes midway through the nucleus at a point coincident with small gaps due to the blind spot in the retina. We present a three-dimensional model of morphogenesis in which local cell interactions cause a wave of development of neuronal receptive fields to propagate through the nucleus and establish different lamination patterns. We examine the interactions between the wave and the localized singularities due to the gaps, and find that the gaps induce the change in lamination pattern. We explore critical factors in determining general LGN organization.

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