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Johan Strümpfer and Klaus Schulten. Light harvesting complex II B850 excitation dynamics. Journal of Chemical Physics, 131:225101, 2009. (9 pages). (PMC: 2802260)

STRU2009 The dynamics of excitation energy transfer within the B850 ring of light harvesting complex 2 from Rhodobacter sphaeroides and between neighboring B850 rings is investigated by means of dissipative quantum mechanics. The assumption of Boltzmann populated donor states for the calculation of inter-complex excitation transfer rates by generalized Förster theory is shown to give accurate results as intra-complex exciton relaxation occurs in a few ps. The primary channels of exciton transfer between B850 rings are found to be the five lowest-lying exciton states, with the non-850 nm states making significant contributions to the total transfer rate.

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