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Constantin Schoeler, Klara H. Malinowska, Rafael C. Bernardi, Lukas F. Milles, Markus A. Jobst, Ellis Durner, Wolfgang Ott, Daniel B. Fried, Edward A. Bayer, Klaus Schulten, Hermann E. Gaub, and Michael A. Nash. Ultrastable cellulosome-adhesion complex tightens under load. Nature Communications, 5:5635, 2014. (PMC: PMC4266597)

SCHO2014 In contrast to the free enzymes secreted by a majority of cellulolytic microorganisms, certain bacteria and fungi produce large multi-enzyme networks called cellulosomes to convert plant cell walls into fermentable sugars. While network assembly is enabled by protein interactions with commonplace affinities, we show here that certain cellulosomal receptor–ligand interactions exhibit extreme resistance to applied force. Through single molecule force spectroscopy (SMFS) and steered molecular dynamics (SMD) simulations, we characterized the ligand–receptor complex responsible for substrate anchoring in the Ruminococcus flavefaciens cellulosome. We found the complex withstands forces of 600- 750 pN at loading rates of 10-100 nN/s, representing the strongest bimolecular interaction reported thus far, equivalent to half the mechanical strength of a covalent bond. The binding mechanisms discovered including force-activation and inter-domain stabilization suggest mechanical stability as an additional design parameter in the development of biocatalysts for the production of fuels and chemicals from cellulosic biomass.

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