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Jen Hsin, Danielle E. Chandler, James Gumbart, Christopher B. Harrison, Melih Sener, Johan Strumpfer, and Klaus Schulten. Self-assembly of photosynthetic membranes. ChemPhysChem, 11:1154-1159, 2010. (PMC: 3086839)

HSIN2010 Bacterial photosynthetic membranes, also known as chromatophores, are tightly packed with integral membrane proteins that work together to carry out photosynthesis. Chromatophores display a wide range of cellular morphologies; spherical, tubular, and lamellar chromatophores have all been observed in different bacterial species, or with different protein constituents. Through recent computational modeling and simulation, it has been demonstrated that the light-harvesting complexes abundant in chromatophores induce local membrane curvatures via multiple mechanisms. These protein complexes assemble to generate a global curvature and sculpt the chromatophores into various cellular-scale architectures.

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