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Daniel Barsky, Benno Pütz, and Klaus Schulten. Theory of heterogeneous relaxation in compartmentalized tissues. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 37:666-675, 1997.

BARS97 A new model of compartmentalized relaxation--that which occurs for spins (protons) exchanging between compartments of different relaxation rates--is presented. This model generalizes previous ones by allowing spatially-dependent relaxation within compartments. Solutions for the diffusion-Bloch equations are found via an efficient numerical technique known as the generalized moment expansion, and they agree well with the solutions to the standard two-site exchange equations (TSEE) for many typical situations. Specific models are developed for liposomes, red blood cells, capillaries, and arteries with respect to applied contrast agents. A parameter derived from tissue characteristics is introduced to predict the nature of the solutions. A new method is proposed for using contrast agents to detect capillaries which exploits their high surface-to-volume ratio relative to the other elements of the vasculature.

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