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SecY Channel

Nascent peptide chain diffusion around SecY channel. (info) (request)

Membrane protein

Membrane capturing coagulation protein domain. (info) (request)

Binary Mixture Vesicle

A 10 nm vesicle composed of randomly distributed POPC and POPS lipids (info) (request)


Micelle composed entirely of lyso-PC (info) (request)

Ternary Mixture Planar Bilayer

Ternary bilayer composed of 45% POPC, 35% POPS, and 20% POPE randomly distributed in both leaflets (info) (request)

SNARE Complex

SNARE-mediated membrane fusion (info) (request)


Integrin alphalbbeta3 ectodomains in bent conformation. (info) (request)


Discretizing the mechanosensitive channel of small conductance. (info) (request)


Mechanosensitive channel of small conductance II. (info) (request)

MscS I

Mechanosensitive channel of small conductance I. (info) (request)

Protein conduction

The membrane channel SecY opens for a short incoming protein helix. (info) (request)

E.coli GlpF and AqpZ

Free energy profiles reveal a much larger barrier for glycerol permeation in AqpZ than the GlpF (info) (request)

Spinach aquaporin SoPIP2;1

The open (yellow) and closed (green) state of the water channel SoPIP2;1 in spinach (info) (request)

Japanese Lantern protein

Mechanosensitive channel of small conductance MscS (info) (request)

LacY I

Lactose permease (LacY) is an integral membrane protein that uses the cell membrane's proton gradient for import of lactose. (info) (request)

The fifth pore in AQP1

The proposed tetrameric ion pore and four monomeric water pores in Aquaporin-1 (info) (request)


The protein conducting channel SecYEβ shown in a lipid membrane surrounded by water. (info) (request)

Potassium Channel

Kv1.2, a voltage-gated potassium channel in a lipid membrane. (info) (request)


Lactose permease (LacY), a membrane protein that translocates sugars outside-in. A lactose molecule is shown at the binding site. (info) (request)

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