The Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group is pleased to announce the release of the "VMD Images and Movies Tutorial", which guides readers through advanced techniques for making high-quality images and movies using the VMD software package. Advanced VMD users will find tutorial content that will help them refine their image and movie making skills, while novice VMD users will find the tutorial an excellent way to build upon skills developed from the introductory VMD tutorial. The tutorial text (in html and PDF format) and related files, along with a more detailed description, are provided below:

VMD Images and Movies Tutorial (html) (pdf, 26.0M) (required tutorial files [.tar.gz, 88.0M], individual files)

This tutorial is designed to give users of VMD an introduction to advanced techniques for making custom images and movies. The first section looks at how to use features such as resolution, color, and material, depth perception, and volumetric data to produce effects and enhancements for still images. The second part demonstrates how to work with trajectories, by using techniques such as smoothing trajectories, showing multiple frames at once, and making atom selections "follow" a trajectory. It also shows how to create a movie file from a trajectory using VMD's Movie Maker plugin.

See the tutorials page for more tutorials using VMD and NAMD, and our case studies studies page for more in-depth explorations of scientific topics using our software.