Two of our recent papers on bionanotechnology published in Institute of Physics journals enjoyed record downloads this quarter:

The role of molecular modeling in bionanotechnology.  Deyu Lu, Aleksei Aksimentiev, Amy Y. Shih, Eduardo Cruz-Chu, Peter L. Freddolino, Anton Arkhipov, and Klaus Schulten. Physical Biology, 3:S40-S53, 2006 (see Highlight February 2006). As of August 2006, this paper had a record download for a six-month period.

Simulation of the electric response of DNA translocation through a semiconductor nanopore-capacitor. Maria E. Gracheva, Anlin Xiong, Jean-Pierre Leburton, Aleksei Aksimentiev, Klaus Schulten, and Gregory Timp. Nanotechnology, 17:622-633, 2006.