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Date: Wed Oct 11 2006 - 18:46:16 CDT

Dear Pijush,

this is really easy:

in the main window  hit the right button of mouse on your trajectory. From the menu choose "Delete Frames".

Here you can specify sequence of frames to delete. To make movie with first 300 frames delete frames 300 till 1250.

To make movie from frame 400 to  800 delete frames 801-1250 and 0-399 next. Alternatevily you can stride your trajectory and make 300 frames from the whole. 

For more, please refer to VMD user guide. 



Wednesday, October 11, 2006, 5:36:40 PM, you wrote:


I am using VMD 1.8.4. and trying to make movie using Movie maker. I want to make movie say with first 300 frames. I have 1250 total frames. Where do I mention that? How if I want to make movie with frame 400 to frame 800?


Any help is highly appreciated.


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