From: Michael Lerner (
Date: Thu Oct 12 2006 - 13:25:01 CDT


I've googled around and looked through the mailing list, but I still
haven't quite found the answer, so my appologies in advance if this is
a dumb question.

I just downloaded VMD 1.8.5 for MacOS X (Intel x86) using native
OpenGL. The release notes say, among other things "MacOS 10.4
versions for PowerPC and Intel processors use the Apple-provided
Tcl/Tk and Python frameworks, ..." However, when I type "gopython"
from the vmd prompt, I get

vmd > gopython
invalid command name "gopython"
vmd >

I'm not terribly experienced with OS X, but I also tried running

/Applications/VMD -python

from a shell and got

ERROR) Sorry, this version VMD was compiled with Python support disabled
ERROR) Skipping startup script because Python could not be started.

So ... is there a Python-enabled version available somewhere? Am I
doing something obviously wrong?


-Michael Lerner
Graduate Student
Biophysics Research Division
University of Michigan