TCB Gallery / Science Images / DNA-binding Proteins

Methylated DNA

Protein binding to methylated DNA. (info) (request)


Helicase representation produced by the molecular dynamics flexible fitting method. (info) (request)

Multiscale simulation of LacI-DNA complex

Multiscale modeling of protein-DNA complexes: Structural dynamics of the lac repressor-DNA loop complex. (info) (request)

Estrogen receptor

Estrogen receptor dimer - DNA complex. (info) (request)

Holliday junction and endonuclease

Model of the complex formed between a proposed tetrahedral Holliday junction and a T7 endonuclease I before resolution. (info) (request)

Catalytic Core of PcrA

The catalytic core region of PcrA shows high structural similarity to that of F1 ATPase. (info) (request)

PcrA helicase complex

A prototype molecular motor translocating along ssDNA: PcrA helicase in complex with DNA and ATP. (info) (request)

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