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cutting down the file size of an animated gif from
ImageMagick's 'convert' is easy. use 'gifsicle' instead:

convert just glues the gifs together, whereas you can
save a significant bit of the file size by storing only
the changes between frames, as it is done by gifsicle.


> Chaitanya,
> > I made the gif format of the movie also. Can you let
> > me know how to insert the delay between frames in the
> > gif.
> just add a switch, e.g., "-delay 20" (???) I will need to double check on
> this. I will be making a movie in a moment ...
> > One more problem with the gif is that once I put the
> > gif in my presentation, it takes a hell a lot of time
> > to come up. Any way around this problem?
> I also found the gif file is a lot larger than the mpg file, about 3 times
> larger? To get around this, you will have to have larger memory and faster cp
> As mentioned in John (Stone)'s email, he (and the VMD team) is going to make
> it standard to add some redundant pictures in between frames to slow down mpg
> movies. I would suggest to insert blank frames, which will not increase the
> size of the final movie. This will have the same effect on slowing down the
> frame rate. If identical frames are copied and put in the video sequence, the
> movie will be awefully larger and it will also consume lot more memory.
> Marc

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