Date: Mon Apr 11 2005 - 13:44:01 CDT


> I made the gif format of the movie also. Can you let
> me know how to insert the delay between frames in the
> gif.

just add a switch, e.g., "-delay 20" (???) I will need to double check on
this. I will be making a movie in a moment ...

> One more problem with the gif is that once I put the
> gif in my presentation, it takes a hell a lot of time
> to come up. Any way around this problem?

I also found the gif file is a lot larger than the mpg file, about 3 times
larger? To get around this, you will have to have larger memory and faster cpu.

As mentioned in John (Stone)'s email, he (and the VMD team) is going to make
it standard to add some redundant pictures in between frames to slow down mpg
movies. I would suggest to insert blank frames, which will not increase the
size of the final movie. This will have the same effect on slowing down the
frame rate. If identical frames are copied and put in the video sequence, the
movie will be awefully larger and it will also consume lot more memory.