From: Jiabin You (
Date: Wed Dec 15 2021 - 08:37:17 CST

Dear VMD users:

I used delete_atoms and create_atoms commands many times in the LAMMPS
input scripts, the total number of atoms at each timestep is unchanged but
with a discontinuity ATOMS ID.
When I loaded the LAMMPS dump trajectory into VMD, there is always a
warning that ignoring out of range atom #*** with id *** and the atoms
created by the 'create_atoms commands' are all in the same position (0, 0,
0) with a strange structure, which is wrong from my original settings. Is
there any suggestion to modify this to load the 'complete' trajectory into
VMD for further analysis? Or a continuous ATOMS ID is strictly requested
for the loading process?

Thank you in advance.