From: John Stone (
Date: Wed Mar 17 2021 - 00:35:42 CDT

  I had another user report the same "100002" error, and she was
able to resolve this problem by checking/setting the file permissions
of the folders contained in the .app image after it was dragged onto
her desktop from the .dmg file. I believe she was using an Intel x86
Mac and not an M1 ARM based Mac, but she had the same "100002" launch
error you're describing. I have not seen this error myself so I don't
have a direct experience with that specific scenario.

Can you report what output you get from this command?:

That may give me more useful information about your specific system.

  John Stone

On Sat, Mar 13, 2021 at 09:24:49AM +0530, Neelanjana Sengupta wrote:
> Hello VMD users,
> The new Mac M1 2020 (Big Sur) does not launch VMD as it is from an
> "unidentified developer". Strangely, I am having trouble opening the
> startup.command¬ - when I attempt the exception with "open anyway". I get
> an (OSSTatus error 100002.)
> Some help would be greatly appreciated!
> Regards,
> Neelanjana Sengupta

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