From: John Stone (
Date: Mon May 21 2018 - 10:05:54 CDT

  Please follow the instructions in the orient documentation.
In your note below, you didn't make the "package require" or
"namespace import" calls shown in the documentation, which likely
leads to your trouble:

  John Stone

On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 07:59:04PM +0530, SHAHEE ISLAM wrote:
> thank you so much for your reply.i have download the two file
> according to your link in the directory /home/intel/gromacs. and
> follow this (writting the below command in vmd tk concole)
> gunzip orient.tar.gz
> tar xf orient.tar
> gunzip la101psx.tar.gz
> tar xf la101psx.tar
> lappend auto_path /home/paul/scripts/la1.0
> lappend auto_path /home/paul/scripts/orient
> and write /home/intel/gromacs instead of /home/paul/scripts but still
> when i am trying to analyse secondary structure of martini protein cg
> but still the error is coming
> invalid command name "La::mevsvd_br"
> can you please suggest me why i am not getting this.
> thanking you
> shahee islam
> university of calcutta

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