From: Davide Mercadante (
Date: Thu Sep 04 2014 - 07:08:57 CDT

Hello everyone,

as an update of my latest report (see forwarded) I was not able to solve
it by uninstalling quicklook. It's not that the problem that must come
from either OpenGL or VMD on the latest MacOS.

After running several tests I noticed that the OpenGL window freezes
when VMD opens a window from the OS. For example, it freezes when I open
windows that would browse through my files (Finder window). For example:

  * Load new molecule or add data into a molecule
  * Load visualization state
  * Save file/image/state etc...

As soon as the Finder window is open, the OpenGL display freezes.
Is there any possibility to look into this issue as soon as possible? I
cannot work on VMD anymore...

Thank you.


On 3/09/14 9:37 pm, Davide Mercadante wrote:
> Hello,
> I am encountering the following issue using VMD after updating my OS
> with a (beta) version of Yosemite, the newest OS of Mac. The OpenGL
> windows randomly freezes and I get this messages in the terminal:
> vmd[5984:194283] [QL]
> file://localhost/Library/QuickLook/GBQLGenerator.qlgenerator/ has no
> identifier: ignoring
> vmd[5984:194283] [QL]
> file://localhost/Library/QuickLook/SogouSkinPreviewer.qlgenerator/ has
> no identifier: ignoring
> After this happens there is no other way of using it than killing it
> and start again. This happens randomly, sometimes just opening another
> window from the VMD menu, or loading another molecule, etc... All the
> windows still work, open and close, but the molecule in the OpenGL
> windows just doesn't move, cannot be rotated or translated. I am not
> sure if this is related to the newest OS, however, this wasn't
> happening before.
> I would be grateful if you would give me hints on how to solve this.
> Thank you.
> Cheers,
> Davide