From: Davide Mercadante (
Date: Wed Sep 03 2014 - 14:37:39 CDT


I am encountering the following issue using VMD after updating my OS
with a (beta) version of Yosemite, the newest OS of Mac. The OpenGL
windows randomly freezes and I get this messages in the terminal:

vmd[5984:194283] [QL]
file://localhost/Library/QuickLook/GBQLGenerator.qlgenerator/ has no
identifier: ignoring
vmd[5984:194283] [QL]
file://localhost/Library/QuickLook/SogouSkinPreviewer.qlgenerator/ has
no identifier: ignoring

After this happens there is no other way of using it than killing it and
start again. This happens randomly, sometimes just opening another
window from the VMD menu, or loading another molecule, etc... All the
windows still work, open and close, but the molecule in the OpenGL
windows just doesn't move, cannot be rotated or translated. I am not
sure if this is related to the newest OS, however, this wasn't happening

I would be grateful if you would give me hints on how to solve this.

Thank you.