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Ribosome V

Ribosome with EttA or trigger factor. (info) (request)

Ribosome IV

Antibiotics and bacterial ribosome. (info) (request)

Ribosome III

Creation of a nascent membrae protein by the ribosome. (info) (request)

Ribosome-SecY complex I

Creation of a nascent membrae protein. (info) (request)


Ribosome decoding the genetic message. (info) (request)


Flexible fitting of ribosome structure into cryo-electron microscopy density map. (info) (request)

Ribosome-SecY complex II

The ribosome binds to SecY in the membrane preceding protein translocation. (info) (request)


All-atom model of the T. thermophilus ribosome. (info) (request)

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