From: John Stone (
Date: Mon Jul 16 2007 - 16:11:10 CDT

  For best results, both VMD and the VRPN server should be the same
major/minor version, though you can often run a VRPN server with a
different minor version number so long as the network protocol has
not changed between minor versions. To help with situations like yours,
we provide a pre-compiled HDAPI-enabled VRPN server binary that matches
the VRPN version compiled into VMD. You can get it from the VMD Public
project on biocore, in the "VMD Public/vrpnserver" directory. You'll
need to edit the example configuration files for your local VRPN
server host machine name, and so on. Several others are already
using this with the new HDAPI-based haptic devices. Let us know if
you need more help with this.

  John Stone

On Wed, Jul 04, 2007 at 05:12:38PM -0500, Dr. Luis Rosales Leon wrote:
> Hi all!!
> Finally I got a phantom desktop!! So after my first test for the
> device, now I want to make it run on IMD simulations...
> I have already searched on the vmd-l list and found that is necessary to
> use VRPN 7.x for compatibility with the new HDAPI.
> I also found that as on Jun of 2006 it was necessary to compile VMD
> against the same VRPN 7.x version.
> Is this still necessary on the new versions of VMD??
> Thanks for your help,
> Luis
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