From: Philippe Roche (
Date: Mon May 28 2007 - 11:29:47 CDT

Dear all,
I have just installed vmd-1.8.6 on a LINUX system and it crashes when I
load a pdb file.
The problem seems to come from the determination of bond structure since
VMD works fine when I load both a PSF file and a PDB file.
If I run 'mol bondsrecalc 0' after loading the PSF and PDB files it
crashes again.
(although it works in the vmd text mode (with 'vmd -dispdev text').

I have tried vmd -debug mode and I get this message.

Info) Determining bond structure from distance search ...
[New Thread 1436548016 (LWP 7454)]
[Thread 1436548016 (LWP 7454) exited]
Info) Bond count: 65

Any suggestion



PS : VMD-1.8.5 works on the same machine

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