From: Marc Petitmermet (
Date: Tue Apr 18 2006 - 11:21:39 CDT

On 18. Apr 2006, at 13:13 Uhr, Marc Petitmermet wrote:

> I have this strange error upon starting vmd 1.8.4 (or 1.8.4b11) and
> fully patched Fedora Core 5:
> Tk startup error: this isn't a Tk applicationunkown color name
> "Black"
> Could not read the vmd initialization file -
> source {/usr/local/lib/vmd/scripts/vmd/vmdinit.tcl}
> can't invoke "wm" command: application has been destroyed
> The VMDDIR environment variable is set by the startup
> script and should point to the top of the VMD hierarchy.
> VMD will continue with limited functionality.
> invlid command name "vmd_load_extension_packages"
> I did not have this problem with test 3 of Fedora Core 5 and the
> vmd-1.8.4b11. Something must have been changed. I used the standard
> installation procedures (unpack; ./configure; cd src; make
> install); vmd files from earlier installations, if any, were
> removed before the installation. FC5 contains tk-8.4.12-1.2 and
> tcl-8.4.12.-4.
> When starting /usr/local/lib/vmd/vmd_LINUX I get first the error:
> Tcl startup error: Can't find a usable init.tcl in the following
> directories:
> (here comed a list of directories that do not exist in FC5)
> and then the same error message as mentioned before.
> How can I fix this problem? Am I missing something in my installation?

Ok. My mistake. Had a nonexistent RgbPath setting in xorg.conf. Just
removed it and the problems are gone.