From: Xiaogang Wang (xiaogang.wang_at_UMontreal.CA)
Date: Sat Feb 19 2005 - 15:49:05 CST

Hi, Axel,

I am also very interested in getting high-quality .eps file
to insert into latex from the .tga rendered by VMD.
Yes, .png would be perfect for pdflatex.
But for the slide package -- 'prosper' I am using, it still relies
on .eps format.

Among the three methods discussed to get .eps out of .tga,

1) convert snap.tga snap.eps
2) tgatoppm snap.tga| pnmtops > snap.eps
3) using gimp

I find method 2) gives the best result. (Thanks for your suggestion)
I would like to use 'convert'. But I am disappointed
that the .eps quality is not very good (the edge is not sharp)
Are there any parameters for 'convert' to get a better
eps ?


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