From: Lars Bruno Hansen (
Date: Fri Oct 22 2004 - 03:05:16 CDT

John Stone wrote:

> For the time being, you must use Python 2.2 with VMD.
>I plan to work out a way to distribute the Python library with
>VMD for the next release so you don't have to compile it yourself,
>but this is not finished yet. In the mean time, you must compile
>Python 2.2 and Numeric 22.0 in order to use the Python interfaces
>in VMD 1.8.2. They don't have to be installed as the main Python on your
>system, but they need to be there for VMD to use.
Hi John,

Thanks for your answer.
My problem is that our python modules, then installed, if the main
python is 2.3,
will go into the python2.3 tree and can not be used from python2.2.
I think the default or standard installation of python will soon be or
maybe allready
is 2.3.
vmd's python is using a lot of our python modules as we are trying to
vmd and our python modules as close as possible.

(I have a link here with some description of our vmd modules,

with best regards

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