From: Vasista (
Date: Wed Nov 01 2023 - 06:36:38 CDT

Hi, I am working on a condensate consisting of 220,000 protein atoms. For
visualization purposes, I am looking at various secondary structures formed
inside the condensate. However, STRIDE breaks by giving the following

File /usr/tmp/filegkb3LC has no coordinates
Error reading PDB file /usr/tmp/filegkb3LC
ERROR) Unable to find Stride output file: /usr/tmp/fileLa9x91
ERROR) Stride::read_stride_record: unable to read output file from Stride
ERROR) Call to Stride program failed.

I have read that VMD's implementation currently supports up to 100K atoms.
I have tried a workaround by chopping the condensate by fragment into
multiple PDBs and loading them, and the STRIDE works perfectly fine. But I
am sure, I will be missing some important secondary structure elements
between the fragments, such as a beta-sheet, which will not be recognized
by STRIDE if I load the PDBs individually. Is there any workaround for this?

Thank you.

Vasista Adupa, M.Tech
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