From: Andrew Dalke (
Date: Wed Mar 26 1997 - 13:55:16 CST


  So far there have been two reported VMD bugs, but they are
small and easily fixed. I added a README.errata file in the
VMD ftp site (
that lists all known bugs with this version. The information
there about the two new bugs is listed below. One is for compiling
and the other concerns the vmd startup script.

  Nothing seriously wrong reported yet, for which we are glad :)

                                                Andrew Dalke

[ from our response to Joseph Landman's: building VMD on SGI IRIX 6.x -- APD]

March 26 ---
> I am trying to build VMD 1.2b1 on an Indy and an Octane for the mips
> 3/mips4 instruction set, OpenGL, and n32 ABI. The compilation is aborting
> with an error in
> "../src/TclCommands.C", line 1628: error(1162): too few arguments in
> function call
> int i = fl_show_choice(s1,s2,s3,n,c1,c2,c3);

In the latest version of the XForms library, bxform-086, the
parameters to fl_show_choice were changed as compared to the
version compiled with VMD (081). There is some compile time
code in UIText that tries to choose the correct version, but
we did not test it on the most recent version of the library.

  Use the bxform-081 version, which should still be on

March 26 ---
> In a new winterm I then typed vmd but got the error message,
> else - endif not found

The VMD startup script (called 'vmd') is missing an endif.
Some versions of csh (like the one we tested) won't complain
about this problem.

  Edit that file (in vmd-1.2b1/bin/vmd before installation,
probably in /usr/local/bin/vmd after installation). After
the section on "possible settings for the web brower",
of which the last two lines are:

## open a new version of netscape
# setenv VMDHTMLVIEWER "netscape %s"

add one more line: