From: Evelyn Maizels (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2022 - 19:17:06 CST

RSCB PDB announced an upcoming formatting change for assembly files in
PdbX/mmCIF format;!!DZ3fjg!qjy8zGxOSzvltbAdeAAJ0pLX-GY9MfBzmseNUzoKUugGDMun4bdqaGzTwiyUnnpS5g$
iles for testing are made available through github;!!DZ3fjg!qjy8zGxOSzvltbAdeAAJ0pLX-GY9MfBzmseNUzoKUugGDMun4bdqaGzTwizr2Zcq0g$

I tested one of the files (7lv2) and got 'unable to parse' error for
selection method for chain with the new-style chain naming format that RSCB
PDB is putting forward. The new-style chain naming includes hyphens and
numbers in the chain names.
Will these assembly files be usable in VMD?

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