From: Paula Schneider (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2022 - 14:27:31 CST

I'm currently using vmd 1.9.4a55 on a mac with the ios big sur update, and am unable to use the RMSD visualizer tool, muliseq, and autopsf.

For the RMSD visualizer tool, the menu only displays the molecule select, atom select, and atom selection modifiers. Exiting out of it prompts an application error loop.

multiseq fails to download all necessary files and freezes upon opening, and autopsf causes vmd to crash after selecting ‘split chains using current selections.’

I encountered these problems using ios catalina with vmd 1.9.4a51 as well but have another computer with high sierra that is still running everything without these issues.

I'm at a loss for what to do, and was wondering if anyone else had encountered these issues and if there was anything that you found that helps? Is it primarily an issue on newer mac ios?

Thank you,