From: emerson p l (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2022 - 08:01:02 CST

Dear colleagues, I hope you are well.

Ps: I am trying to send an email to VMD-L Mailing List, but my message does
not appear at If
you have already received my email before, please disregard this one. Sorry
for the spam.

I'm a novice vmd user.

I installed vmd 1.9.3 to run from the command line on a supercomputer I use.

I have 3 questions to solve and I would be grateful if some expert could
kindly help me.

Well, vmd was installed in the directory
"/opt/pub/vmd/1.9.3/gcc/9.4.0/bin". When I go to this directory and run
./vmd, vmd opens normally the console as it does on my personal desktop.

*1)* I tried to execute a command to change directory (to the directory
where my trajectory files are, like "cd path") and apparently the console
hangs ("freeze", indeed). Do you have any suggestions as to what could be
causing this problem?
Ps: in the version installed on my desktop, the command works normally.
If I have to provide any supercomputer technical information, please let me

*2) *Just a confirmation. To run a cmd script via an external file, do I
just have to open the vmd console and type "source filename"? Ps: the
intention is to know if the same procedure is feasible on a supercomputer.

*3) *Is there any command (via the command line) to load a trajectory and
vmd waits to load all the frames of the trajectory file before doing some
calculation (like g(r))?

Thanks in advance for your time,

Best regards,