From: John Stone (
Date: Thu Jun 11 2020 - 15:24:45 CDT

  I've posted new Linux and Mac test builds and the latest
source code on the VMD download page. The new builds contain
fixes for a bunch of issues reported in the last several weeks.

The latest OptiX RTX ray tracing code is now faster than before
and should no longer exhibit any memory leaks, as a result of
putting VMD back in direct control of managing GPU memory buffers
used for RTX ray tracing.

Previous MacOS X Catalina builds had encountered a runtime error
about a mismatched msgcat package version, this should now be corrected.

Assuming the fixes incorporated in the new version remain solid in
the hands of users, I will be focusing more on Windows builds,
new and updated plugins, and other updates for upcoming test versions.

Best regards,
  John Stone

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