Date: Mon Apr 27 2020 - 12:51:01 CDT

Based on previous posts there is a reasonably well documented issue with VMD
not able to

run STRIDE on Windows 10 (probably older versions as well) when a file

contains a space.


In particular, the issue comes up when the Windows user name (and therefore
the home

directory) contains a space.


There are ways to read input PDB files from locations where there is no
space in the file name,

but it seems impossible to get around the name of the Temp directory as it
resides within

the User home directory (C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Temp\ .).


I tried to change the location of the temporary directory but so far no
success. Perhaps the VMD

variables are not effective and STRIDE gets the location from Windows


One obvious solution is to change the Windows user name (and user directory)
but there seems to be

a high chance of breaking other things, especially with other installed
programs and I am not quite

ready yet to go down this road.


Any other ideas for how to get around this?


The system is Windows 10, VMD 1.9.3.