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Date: Fri Jan 13 2017 - 23:58:12 CST

  At present this isn't (directly) possible without writing additional code.
All of the existing interfaces in VMD assume grids with uniform sample spacing.
To achieve your goal at present, one would need to resample the potential field
in your unstructured mesh onto a regular grid, and then you would be able
to load and display it in VMD. You could resample the unstructured mesh
by working through it one tetrahedra at a time, essentially by rasterizing
the tetrahedra in the unstructured mesh onto the voxels in a regular grid,
interpolating values between the four vertices of the tetrahedra as you go.
I'm sure you can do this sort of resampling/conversion using some existing
software somewhere, but it's not built into VMD at present since most of
the existing tools use uniform grids for density maps, potential fields, etc.

  John Stone

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> Dear Colleagues,
> A A A A Is there any possibility in VMD through which an unevenly
> spaced data could be read in the form of a potential file and be shown
> through an isosurface?
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